Autec MBM06MH 7,2V 750MAH IP65

Autec MBM06MH 7,2V 750MAH IP65
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    MBM06MH 7,2V 750MAH IP65

The company follows closely the technology and aims to design and produce the best remote-control systems. It becomes one of the important leaders in the global market with its wide service network and experienced technical personnel in pre-sales as well as after-sales services.
As Editürk, we believe that the most successful way to reduce the tension on the environment and social life while increasing the human welfare and standards of the developing world industry is the advanced technologies
You can always send all your questions, comments, and suggestions about the product with the code MBM06MH 7,2V 750MAH IP65 of the brand Autec to [email protected], or you can request an offer by filling the form.

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