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Continuously renewing itself, without compromising on quality and the projects undertaken by the company deserves to be a company that has taken the right place by carrying the responsibility; to continue to grow with the effort to become a company that can exceed itself and become competitive with international companies, to continue our investments in technology and human resources.

Win Success with us ..!  

We do our best to separate your company from other companies in the industry. In terms of service and budget, we have more qualified employees than other companies in the market.

Our entire team is aware that our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction. 7/24 Our customers' requests and problems to deal with their problems as soon as possible to solve the most basic principle. We adopt the happiness of our customers.

As the solution partner of the sector; fulfilling activities until the establishment of turnkey plants from precision parts manufacturing, research and development, manufacturing technology, recognized and trusted leader of Turkey aims to become a world-scale engineering and R & D companies.


As Editürk, we work to make our customers' goals come true and support their progress based on our values. As EDİTÜRK, we are walking on our path with the aim of carrying the power of our "Turkish", which we are proud of with the word "EDİ" * in ancient Turkish, in our brand and show the world. With the strength we take from our name, we take unfailing steps towards our goals to become a leader in its field. We act with the aim of making our brand an indicator of Turkish power. We are always working to be better by constantly improving ourselves with respectable and respectable projects at home and abroad. We listen to our customers' needs, while providing solutions by fully understanding their needs, we always strive to exceed their expectations. We always support growth for our employees, our customers and ourselves with our sustainable business and working systems. It is our goal to maintain honesty and transparency in all our relationships. Being aware of the weight of our brand name, we are moving forward to become a source of pride for our employees, our company, our country and the world, without compromising our values. These values, which we attach great importance to, guide our every decision, thought and action. Our Values; Customer Focus: We always stand by our customers with solutions that exceed their expectations. We act with high standards to meet their needs and benefit. Respect: It is the foundation of every job and behavior we do. We respect each other, our products and our customers, and we create an environment where everyone is valued and respectful to people and nature through honest and transparent communication. Creativity: Being creative is an integral part of our business culture. We act courageously and support steps towards continuous improvement. Reliability: With the understanding of being a global company, we take responsibility for our actions, thoughts and actions. We pride ourselves on being reliable, from the services we provide to the products we offer. Quality: We have adapted high quality standards to all of our business processes. By fulfilling the requirements of high standards, we always maintain these standards in our products and services. Passion: We are proud of the name of our brand and are aware of the importance of this heritage. We always reflect our passion to our work and call into action to add value to our reputation with innovative and creative ideas. We: We act as a whole with our employees. We act with the awareness of the values ​​we adhere to and the great and important meaning of our brand name. * EDI - EDE (Abstract in Turkish): Ancestor, Ancestral, The One Who Is Reserved, The Respected Great Person